Eid is coming
with Yalasheep

Join us to make a double good deed : Make a family happy by celebrating Eid properly and earn the divine reward for you Sadaqa

Discover our concept on video in less than a minute

Fidya Ramadan 2023 with Yalasheep

Accomplish your Fidya or your Kaffara for 5€ per day. Your Fidya will be donated to a food insecure Muslim community in Madagascar.

Plant a tree

You can have an entire forest in your name.
Bring nature back to life in the most remote areas of Africa.

Too many causes are close to your heart?

Build wells

Water is life

Feeding the poor
United and solidary
Plant trees
A continuous alms
Continuing the tradition
Baby aqiqa
Reduce starvation
Food parcels
Supporting children
Relief for orphans

Well construction

Thanks to your wells, children grow up with healthy water that no longer threatens their health.

Aqiqa for my child

Yalasheep carefully realizes your aqiqa and sends you your photos/videos of the sacrifice.

It’s almost Eid!
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