Perpetuate the Sunnah of the Prophet (ﷺ) by performing your Aqiqa online with Kebchi while benefiting the poorest.


A birth ? We make your Aqiqa easy !

By entrusting us with your Aqiqa online for the birth of your child, you can aspire to the most total serenity. Kebchi supports the entire sacrifice.

We carefully send photos and videos of your sacrificed sheep in the name of Allah. We also support you from birth to your child’s first steps with follow-up and recommendations for their well-being.

Many families have placed their trust in us for the aqiqa of their children, which has at the same time made it possible to feed thousands of poor families in Africa.

Your Aqiqa in 3 steps


Offer your sheep

Make a secure payment with Kebchi, and contribute to helping those most in need.


Your sacrifice

The sacrifice of the sheep takes place in the most remote areas of Africa, more precisely in Madagascar.


Receive your photos and videos

Kebchi sends you photos and videos of your aqiqa, with your child’s first name!

Make a Aqiqa to save lives

It is in the most precarious villages in Africa such as Ejeda and Toliara that the sacrifices of your aqiqa are made. the meat is then distributed to those most in need.

You cannot imagine the joy of distributing meat to families who sometimes have never had the opportunity to eat it in their lives.

It is an immense benefit to allow these people to benefit from the sacrifices of sheep made for the aqiqa, in honor of the births of your children.

The Aqiqa is a Sunnah

Our noble Prophet (ﷺ) established the tradition of Aqiqah which consists of performing a sacrifice in honor of the child. So it is a Sunnah for every Muslim to follow.

It is recommended to perform this sacrifice on the 7th, 14th or 21st day of your child’s life.

But do not panic ! You can still achieve your aqiqa after 21 days.

They trusted us

Hundreds of families have used our services for the Aqiqa of their children.

At Yalasheep, trust rhymes with transparency!


an exceptional service, reactive teams and above all actions carried out in complete transparency (proof of sacrifices, date respected …) finally great satisfaction to have called on KEBCHI I recommend closing my eyes.



I did my son’s aqiqa and everything went perfectly. kebchi is a safe and trusted value. Photos and video are sent as soon as the sacrifices have been made. Masha’Allah



Really great: reliable and fast with proof of donation. We received touching photos from people who were able to benefit from the sheep. Hamdullah! We recommend 100% for the Aqiqa or just a donation. And personally, we will go through Kebchi at every opportunity inchAllah. Thank you for everything!


Newborn: Questions & Answers

An Ebook is offered!

When purchasing your Aqiqa, Kebchi offers you an e-book answering all your questions about newborns, worth €14.95 to better support you for this new stage.

Advice to put into practice Designed for you, this book answers most of the questions that Muslim parents could ask about the newborn: the invocations to pronounce in favor of the newborn, the different sunnans to practice, the circumcision, breastfeeding…

Your frequently asked questions about the Aqiqa:

When one wants to sacrifice for Aqiqa, it is strongly recommended for the person performing the sacrifice to pronounce the name of Allah, the most exalted, and to glorify Him by saying: “Bismillâh Allâhu Akbar”, then to name the person for whom the Aqiqa is being done.

The sacrifice can take place right after the birth of the child, but there are sayings that mention sacrificing a sheep after 7 days. If this is not possible for any reason, you can also postpone the Aqiqa to the 14th, 21st or 28th day from the birth…with an interval of 7 days.

There is a deadline for this tradition which is when the child reaches puberty. If no aqiqa was done by the parents until he reaches puberty, he must also comply with the sunna and perform it himself.

The date must be chosen carefully, because it must be done on the seventh day of birth according to Islam, knowing that in Islam, the day begins in the evening from Maghreb and ends the next evening (and not like in the western world where the day begins in the middle of the night at midnight).

In other words, if your child is born on a Saturday, for example, then it has to be done on the seventh day after birth, which is the following Friday, and if your child is born on a Tuesday, then next Monday, and so on….

The birth of a child in a Muslim family is a joyful event. Like all stages in the life of a Muslim, it is governed by certain rules and rituals, in order to better welcome the baby. These Sounnah (prophetic rites) are to be performed for the well-being of the child, and it is necessary to invoke Allah so that He may make him a pious and healthy child. You can browse through our page on duahs to pronounce in favor of the newborn here.

Among these sounnah, there is one that is essential to perform, the sounnah concerning aqiqa, the sacrifice of a sheep in the name of the baby.

Concerning the aqiqa of a girl in Islam, according to the Sunnah of the Prophet (ﷺ), one sheep is enough, depending on your means.

When a baby boy is born, the Sunnah obliges us to sacrifice two sheep instead of one. Ideally both sheep should be about the same age.

It is carried out by the parents or guardians of the newborn. Many scholars say that any adult Muslim who has the duty to fulfill the Zakat or who has enough money should fulfill it.

If you want your Aqiqa to benefit a maximum of needy people and you can’t slaughter… Be aware that aqiqa by proxy is allowed! We offer you our services both for a girl or a boy in order to benefit our brothers and sisters in need and to fulfill the sunnah relative to birth!

Abû Umar said: “As for the divergence of the scholars on its obligatory character, it is presented as follows:- The Zahirites, like Dâwud and his companions, consider it as an obligation. They say that the Prophet (ﷺ) ordered it and personally practiced it. He ﷺ ​​says about it: “The child is dependent on his aqiqa”.

It is a highly recommended (almost obligatory) act, to be performed as reported in these hadiths:

The Prophet (ﷺ) said: “It is the right of every newborn child to have an aqiqa on his seventh day where one sacrifices for him, shaves his head and gives him a name”

“Every child must be accompanied by an Aqiqa, make an animal immolate and remove impurities from him (the child)” (authenticated by Al-Albani).

Your donation will help people in need and provide them with food.