A handy Sadaqa Jariya!

Perpetuate your good deeds by constructing a well at the price of 899€ and let the needy benefit from it through Yalasheep.

Donate a well as a sadaqa jariya

Thousands of people are deprived of drinking water in Madagascar: Participate in the construction of a well! Take advantage of this Sadaqa Jariya of a well, which gives access to drinking water to several hundreds of villagers… We need you!

The construction of your well in 3 steps


Donate your well

Make a secure payment through Yalasheep, financing the construction of wells for the poor.



Drilling takes place in the most remote areas of Africa, more precisely in Madagascar.


Receive your photos and videos

Yalasheep sends you pictures/video of your sadaqa jariya with the name and surname you want to put when the project is finished.

A sadaqa jariya from a well saves lives

Through your donations, you are helping to alleviate the distress of the populations who live in arid zones. While making a sadaqa jariya, which in the sight of Allah azza wajal counts a lot.

Your wells help in agriculture

Indeed, the wells are dug and drilled by hand in the South of Madagascar, they are between 10 and 15 meters deep, are made of broken stone and a concrete nozzle. Moreover, 10 fruit trees are also planted during the drilling, which will then be watered with its water.

Water, best for charity

Madagascar has been experiencing a devastating drought for three years; dozens of villages no longer have access to drinking water.

Our teams on field are witnessing a serious situation of sanitary insecurity, which particularly affects the young. Dozens of children died last month from hunger and thirst.

The Messenger of Allah ﷺ was asked, “What is the best charity?” Heﷺ replied, “Water”. Reported by Abu Dawud

And concretely, our actions in figures?


                                                              312 wells built thanks to your donations.

Frequently asked questions about the construction of a well:

Perpetual charity are characterized by the fact that they increase the hassanat (good deeds) of an individual even after his death.

There are seven of them, as indicated in the Hadith reported by Al Bazar:

– the one who taught a science,

– dug the bed of a river,

– dug a well,

– planted a palm tree,

– built a mosque,

– left a moushaf (Quran) as a legacy

– or left a pious child who asks for forgiveness for him after his death.

The best charity a Muslim can give is satisfying the thirst of his brother. Indeed, the Prophet ﷺ said, “The best charity is to give water to drink.” Reported by Abu Ya’la

This Hadith tells us that the best form of charity is to give water.

In another hadith, a man asked the Prophet ﷺ what gift he could give on behalf of his deceased mother. He replied that water was the best thing he could give (sahîh an-nasâ î, no. 3666).

Water is the source of all life. In Europe, we only need to turn on our tap to get drinking water. Around the world, more than 2.2 billion people are not so lucky. These people suffer from the lack of drinking water, get sick, and die of dehydration

Allah has granted us the blessing of water, let us in turn share this blessing with those who do not have access to it.

In Islam, purification is very important. When we perform our daily worships like salat, we have to make our ablutions with clean water. So, by building a well, you allow hundreds of Muslims to purify themselves! Imagine the amount of hassanat that this will generate…

The Yalasheep association works closely with volunteers in Africa to facilitate the construction of wells in the villages most affected by drought. Many of these villages are difficult to access, remote and without electricity and roads. We strive to go where other associations do not go in order to help as many villagers as possible.

It can be difficult to find a trustworthy association that builds wells this far away. With Yalasheep, we assure you complete transparency. You receive the inauguration video once the well is completed. Fruit trees are also planted and the maintenance of the constructions is included in the price. Local workers are paid and drilling is environmentally friendly.

Sadaqa jariya is a charity that can be given on behalf of a deceased Muslim, so that he may enjoy these rewards even if he is no longer of this world. Sa’d Ibn ‘Ubâda, may Allah be pleased with him, reported, “I said to the Prophet ﷺ, “O Messenger of Allah, my mother has passed away, may I donate in her name?” – “Yes.”, He ﷺ replied. – “What is the best charity?” then I asked. – “Giving water to drink.” replied He ﷺ.” Reported by Ahmad

Thus, it is allowed to dig a well in honor of a deceased person. The Yalasheep association facilitates this task by drilling for your deceased loved ones in Africa, more precisely in Madagascar, where the drought kills thousands of villagers every year. It is always an exceptional event when we arrive in a remote village to bring help and a source of drinking water. The villagers see this as a great blessing, so many of them had never heard of Islam before, so they decided to convert!  You are the source of immense blessings when you build a well through Yalasheep.

In addition, we offer the installation of a nameplate in the name of your deceased loved one, so that the locals can make duahs for him every time they drink.

Sadaqa jariya is about voluntary acts of kindness that continue to benefit others throughout the future. The rewards for continuous charity are infinite.

Therefore, it is important to remember that as long as the blessings of this donation continue to be felt by the recipients. Then the rewards for the charity-giver continue over time

Many Muslims like to give continuous donation on behalf of their deceased in order to regain the rewards in the Hereafter despite their accounts here being closed.