Yalasheep at the service of your mosques

Eid in the heart of your mosque

For Eid Al Adha this year, we wanted to go further than what we usually offer: Why not meet the needs of French people wanting to enjoy the meat of their sacrifices?

We know that in France, ritual sacrifice is strictly forbidden. We therefore had to adapt our solution to the legal provisions. This is why we thought of mosques, which are at the center of the social life of Muslims. With a network of around thirty partner mosques, Kebchi was able to build its project around them, for different reasons:

  • Restore to mosques their primary role within the Muslim community by involving them directly in the celebration of Eid and sacrifice.
  • Create a relationship of trust with Kebchi beneficiaries.
  • Unite Muslims to strengthen ties within the community.


More than just a partnership

To guarantee the traceability of sheep orders, we have put all our teams at their service.

Being true experts in the digital field, our teams have made themselves available to help associations, collectives and mosques in their work. We were thus able to create their website and launch digital fundraising campaigns, to simplify the call for donations at the same time.

Your mosque in the digital age

Kebchi’s know-how will enable mosques to move towards digitalization to improve the communication of their respective projects, in the long term. Our team is happy to offer a solution that will bring added value to their organization, even after Eid in shaa Allah.


We invite you to visit our website and share your feelings with us.

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