Order your sheep and keep the worship of sacrifice alive for a birth or for Eid El Adha thanks to Yala Sheep and its worldwide partners !

1- You order

Your sheep for you and your loved ones. Once the order has been placed, you will receive an email at each step of the process.

2- We sacrifice

Within the timeframe provided by Islamic rules. Once your sheep has been immolated, you will be able to see a photo of your sacrifice.

3- We donate

All the meat harvested goes to poor families in countries such as Tanzania, Madagascar, Niger and many others.

More details...

With two years of experience in remote religious sacrifice, Yalasheep offers you a simple and accessible service: sacrificing a beast on your behalf for a specific religious occasion, namely the birth of newborn Muslims or Eid al Adha.

This sacrifice is a millenary prophetic tradition that is not obligatory but is considered highly recommended to celebrate the newborn Muslim baby and to thank ALLAH for his grace.

In view of the difficult European context in terms of sacrifice, we decided to find the most optimal solution to allow this tradition to continue over time despite the difficulties.

Our concept is simple: we connect parents or future parents with sheep farmers in several countries of the world who are concerned about the best possible application of the rites of the Muslim religion. In return, we ensure the follow-up and the smooth running of the sacrifice made by our partners in order to guarantee the respect of animal welfare but above all of the religious and regulatory requirements.

Beyond guaranteeing the sacrifice, we have taken the concept even further by proposing to donate the sacrificed meat directly to those most in need locally. Thus, in one operation, two good deeds can be carried out, which are to practice a religious sacrifice and to feed the needy at the same time.