The countries in which we operate

The advantage we offer is that the meat is directly redistributed to the neediest in disadvantaged countries. We have partnerships with many countries in order to benefit all our brothers and sisters around the world in need. This is also what allows us to offer you different prices from what you can find on other sheep selling platforms. In each of the partner countries, Kebchi has flocks of sheep already in our possession. Indeed, the rules of trade in Islam require the seller to own the goods he puts up for sale.

Once the animal is immolated, the meat is therefore cut into several parts in order to facilitate redistribution in the following countries:


We are currently in talks to change the number of countries because we really want everyone to benefit from your donations.

Another advantage, we support your sacrifice by having you follow all the distribution steps by e-mail. Thus, you will have the opportunity to directly see your most destitute brothers and sisters benefit from your donations.

To sum up, Kebchi allows you to be completely serene about this worship. Whether it is for the birth of a newborn, a wedding or even a religious celebration, we take care of everything.

Countries with which Kebchi has been able to work in the past:


What happens after the sacrifice?

First of all, it is necessary to remember that the sacrifice must take place after the prayer of Eid al Adha according to the respect of the prophetic tradition: “Whoever immolates before praying, this is only a meat beast”.

This hadith, reported by Imam Al Boukhari, tells us that to enjoy the divine reward of the sacrifice of this day, one must immolate the beast after the prayer.

As part of the power of attorney, the name of the person who wants to perform the sacrifice must be mentioned. We therefore undertake to pronounce your name during the immolation of the animal in order to make you fully benefit from the benefits of this worship in shaa Allah.