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The place of the orphan in Islam

An orphan is one who has lost at least one parent. The death of the parents disorients the child and deprives him/her of great affection and stability, which impacts his/her future life. The term “orphan” is mentioned more than 20 times in the Quran.

Taking care of them is a primary action in our religion in order to develop our umma well and harming them is a very serious sin. On the contrary, taking care of them is a very rewarding action and is even considered the best action.

Moreover, our noble Prophet Muhammed sws promises the believer who takes care of an orphan that he will be in his company in paradise. According to Sahl Ibn Sa’d the Prophet ﷺ said, “We will be in paradise, me and the one who takes care of the orphan like this” and he showed two of his fingers side by side.

Orphans Waiting

Thanks to you, there are no more orphans waiting, Al Hamdulilah! You can still participate in their well-being by making a donation to bring joy and happiness to their lives.

Sponsoring an orphan: our actions

When you sponsor a child, you are literally saving the life of that child. The orphans we help come from poor communities: they are threatened by hunger, malnutrition and diseases related to unclean water.

With your donation, clothes and shoes will be sent to your godchild. Many are forced to go to school barefoot and with torn clothes. We provide qamis for the little boys and pretty dresses for the little girls.
Food is provided to the orphan through his legal guardian. The packages contain rice, oil, pulses and water.
If necessary, we send medicine to the children and cover medical expenses when they fall ill. Your monthly contribution is a real blessing in the lives of these little ones!
A large portion of your contribution goes towards your godchild's school fees. We also provide school supplies so that they can go to school and build a stable future. The children are taught Arabic and Quran, in addition to the regular subjects.

I sponsor an orphan

Make recurring donations by sponsoring an orphan for 25€ per month. From food and clothing to school fees and medical needs, your donation will cover all the needs of an orphaned child.

I support the sponsorship

Participate in our fundraising for the orphans of Madagascar by making a donation of the amount of your choice. This fund is allocated to the children in order to provide them with toys, books, sweets and cakes for holidays such as Eid for example.

Each of your donations counts and brings joy and happiness to the orphans.

“Worship Allah and associate nothing with Him. Treat kindly both your parents, your relatives, the orphans […] “

Surah An Nissa, Verse 36

“Those who eat [dispose of] the property of the orphans unjustly are only eating fire in their bellies.

Surah An Nissa, Verse 10

“And they ask about the orphans. Say: Doing good to them is the best action.

Surah Al Baqara, Verse 220

Building a better future

With the help you provide when you sponsor an orphan, a better future is possible for them. They are fortunate to have access to schooling, a rarity in the remote villages of Madagascar.

Parents struggle to pay school fees, and orphans have no one to turn to. Most of them are forced to work from a very young age and many of them beg for money. They find themselves in situations of extreme insecurity, it is our duty to protect them. The country is suffering from an unprecedented drought, food and drinking water are scarce. Children in the poorest villages are suffering from malnutrition, resulting in stunted growth, deformities, and sometimes death. The money you send each month helps to provide shelter for these children, with the help of our local partners.


Long-term support with video and photo evidence

At Yalasheep, it is important to us to be as transparent as possible. When you sponsor an orphan, we send you a picture of your godchild as well as his personal information such as his name, first name, date of birth…

You will also receive videos of the sharing of donations, for example on the occasion of Eid when we always organize distributions of toys, clothes or school supplies. We can also provide a message transmission service, between you and your godchild, if you wish to learn a little more about him/her.

Your frequently asked questions about sponsoring an orphan

Our association Yalasheep supports you in your sponsorship process. For several years now, we have been collaborating with Malagasy orphanages in order to offer a chance to children who are victims of the country’s famine.

At Yalasheep, we fully take care of the formalities. When you sponsor an orphan, your contribution is sent directly to your godson through our local partner association. Our volunteers are responsible for buying food and school supplies for your godchild and transporting them to the orphanage. We try to document our actions as much as possible, in order to make you experience the distribution of your donations from a distance.

The priority if you wish to sponsor an orphan is to ensure that he has access to education. You can send school supplies, schoolbags, or books to orphanages. Children need to be fed and cared for, you can, according to each person’s needs, finance food parcels on a monthly basis, and contribute to valuable access to care.

Our association Yalasheep has been working in the Madagascar region for several years. Thus, we are aware of the difficulties of the terrain specific to the country. If you wish to help the Malagasy people, do not hesitate to contact our teams so that we can jointly develop a humanitarian project on your scale.

Our noble religion encourages us to protect orphans, our Prophet ﷺ being an orphan himself. He ﷺ ​​said, “We will be in heaven, me and whoever takes care of the orphan like that” and he showed two of his fingers side by side. (Reported by Muslim). The cause of orphans is very dear to Muslims, which is why sponsorship is important to us. Indeed, we must take care of those who are weaker than us, hoping for the approval of Allah.

Many of them are affected by poverty and malnutrition. Many are stunted and/or disabled due to their precarious living conditions. Their homes are often unsanitary and very few own even a pair of shoes. Some are determined to eat clay patties in order to fill their bellies… It is our duty to help them.

In Islam, an orphan is one who loses a parent before reaching the age of puberty. In Madagascar, we came across very young children who were already orphans, sometimes even infants…