Why Yalasheep ?

At Yalasheep, trust rhymes with transparency.

We are one of the only associations that sends you photos and videos of your donations as well as your sacrifices.

A non-profit association

Yalasheep is part of the young source, which is an association law 1901. This means that no profit is paid to a third party, the profit generated is entirely dedicated to humanitarian actions and projects.

Our objective

Our sole aspiration is to relieve the weakened populations of the world and to facilitate Muslims to perform good deeds. With this in mind, we are doing everything we can to offer you simple solutions for your Eid and Ramadan worship. Thanks to this, we distribute hot meals to thousands of people in Africa.

Your sacrifice step by step

  • Slaughter after Eid prayer,
  • Cutting right after the sacrifice
  • Compliance with health standards
  • Transport of meat
  • Distribution of meat to the most needy.

    All this involves several intermediaries, which guarantee an essential seriousness in order for you to enjoy your adoration in complete serenity.We also have networks of approved controllers in each of the countries of sacrifice in order to validate the smooth running of operations.

One donation, many good deeds

Yalasheep is a Waqf. This means that the funds generated by the sale of our sheep are put back into the projects of the Muslim community.

In 2021, Kebchi donated more than €240,000 to mosques in France.

We also financed the construction of the Aïcha mosque in Sudan as well as a Madrassa.

As you have understood, by taking your Eid sheep with Kebchi, you participate, among other things, in the development of Muslim places of worship.

The Prophet ﷺ said: “Whoever builds a mosque for Allah, Allah builds for him his equivalent in paradise”. Reported by Muslim.