Yalasheep, Muslim Association, Simple and Solidary

Muslim non-profit association specialized in the sale of sheep and which works on the path of Allah, Yalasheep is active all year long. Its main objective is to facilitate Muslim families to fulfill some of their obligations and allows any soul of goodwill to make donations to the neediest through its humanitarian aid projects.

It also assists Muslims in happy events that bring families together, such as weddings, the birth of a child, Eid celebrations and even during sad events such as the loss of a loved one. 

Yalasheep intervenes in the most remote villages of Africa, in order to improve the living conditions of certain populations. These innocent people who are unintentionally faced with diseases related to the lack of drinking water, food shortages and the consequences of natural disasters.

The countries in which the association acts in a random way are among others: Madagascar, Sudan, Democratic Republic of Congo, Niger, Malawi, Rwanda, Tanzania, Morocco and Mauritania. Yalasheep helps people in precarious situations through donations, sponsoring orphans, giving them the right to health and education.

Why choose Yalasheep?




    Feeding the poor

Your donation will help feed people in need

  • For 19€ you pay for a full family meal (6.3kg of rice + 2kg of flour 0.8l of oil)
  • For 49€ you offer a food pack for a family for one week 
  • For 99€ you help to feed 3 families for one week.

Aqiqa of your child

Are you expecting a birth and you don’t know how to sacrifice your sheep? Don’t panic, Yalasheep is THE solution to your aqiqa!

We carry out your sacrifice in disadvantaged countries and distribute the meat to the needy.

Construction of a well

  • Wells dug and drilled by hand in the South of Madagascar.
  • Drilling between 10 and 15 meters deep.
  • 10 fruit trees planted around the well.

Sponsoring an orphan

When you sponsor through Yalasheep, you literally save the life of this child.

By sponsoring a child through Yalasheep, you guarantee him/her access to education, health care, medicine, food, water and clothing every month through your generosity.

Nearly 100 mosques collaborate with Yalasheep!

As a guarantee of its seriousness and its anchoring in the territory, Kebchi works in close collaboration with a hundred mosques; distributed throughout France.

In return, in 2021, Kebchi donated €244,000 to mosques and associations in France.

Yalasheep is a Muslim association based on the concept of Waqf. 100% of our profits are redistributed to charities. Last year, we redistributed 244.000€ to associations and humanitarian projects in France and elsewhere. This year, we expect to do more thanks to you.
Yalasheep helped nearly 500 parents for the arrival of their children by offering sheep to the poor.

Thanks to you, we are making the world a better place

1 260

Aqiqa Sheep sacrificed

18 500

sheep sacrificed for Eid

7 228



Food packages distributed

10 332

Meals distributed

NB : Each sheep allows to feed 10 poor people

Yalasheep makes life easier

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